desc: almost everything is an object; diobs (display objects) are special objects that have a location on the screen or map and a visual representation, with functions and variables to be used to manipulate those things and other data; basic objects are the most basic form and they are defined by using braces ( {} ), the structure of a basic object is the variable name, a colon, and then the variable value, and each variable is separated by a comma, for example {'var1': 1, 'var2': 2} would create an object with two variables called 'var1' and 'var2' with the values 1 and 2 respectively; all object variables can be accessed by either ( variable.value ) or ( variable['value'] )
static objects:
desc: static objects are objects where only one of them exists and it always exists, you can use them to call functions to manipulate things as needed; current static objects (Math, Date, Icon, World, Util, Map, Event, Macro, Resource, Type, JS)