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Welcome to Vylocity!

Where you can create cross platform 2D games for free using multiple tools made with modern web technologies.

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What is Vylocity?

Vylocity is a free cloud-based game creation service and game portal. Easily create very powerful web-based games using a very simple JavaScript-like language known as VyScript. Powerful web-based tools allow you to quickly make or edit your games from any computer and easily collaborate with other developers. Once your project is ready for people to play it, simply publish the game to the Vylocity game portal.

Why VyScript?

The reason VyScript was created and used instead of just using JavaScript is because JavaScript is not very structured and was not originally designed for creating games. VyScript takes JavaScript and gives it a structure to make it not only easier to use, but better for making games. And of course VyScript provides all the built-in goodies for easily creating games without having to start from scratch. In the end, the builder translates everything into pure JavaScript, so when you run your game, there is no interpretation. But do not worry, if you want to use pure JavaScript, you can! You can even access the engine and communicate back and forth. If you are interested in learning VyScript and creating your first project on Vylocity, head over to the tutorials page.


Developers are given almost full access to all aspects of the powerful and flexible Vylocity engine. While the engine does provide defaults so you do not have to create your own networking, drawing systems, and so on, developers have the ability to bypass those systems and create their own. Create as much client-side code as you want, decide how networking will be handled, communicate between multiple servers at the same time, use the default automated networking, or a mixture of it all! Create new screens with different layers and manually draw anything you wish on the screens as you desire or let the engine handle it all for you. Overwrite almost any function or system and even change almost everything during runtime. Use HTML and CSS for rich and powerful interfaces, integrated right into the game, or use the built-in graphical-based interface systems. And much more!

While the engine, language, and tools are very powerful and flexible, developers interested in creating games as easily as possible can do so by simply using the defaults. Just create the content!