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A Basic Tile Movement Library to either input into projects, or learn from!
Last post by WorldWideGames on Jun 17, 2017
vyPerlin (Simplex/Perlin Noise)
This script features Simplex Noise and Perlin Noise generation.
Last post by Quaint Shanty on Jan 08, 2016
vyPath (A Pathfinding Script)
A tile-based pathfinding system that allows you to move based on pixels still.
Last post by Quaint Shanty on Nov 26, 2015
Math (extended)
Some extra Math functions to help with algorithms.
Last post by Quaint Shanty on Nov 26, 2015
Shuffle a List
An efficient way of shuffling a list.
Last post by Theactivenet on Oct 18, 2016
Mouse Player Rotation
Making your player mob change angle based on your mouse position is pretty simple. The following code will add such a feature to your project. <code> Client onMouseMove(pDiob, pX, pY) var x = (this.mob.xPos - this.getScreenPos().x) - pX var y = p ...
Last post by Jon on Jul 04, 2015
Draggable Interface Elements
Basic code to allow you to add draggable interface elements to your project. Any interface element with the <b>isDragEl</b> variable set to <b>true</b> like in the code below will be able to be dragged around the screen. <code> Interface DraggableEle ...
Last post by Jon on Jun 09, 2015